Welcome to the Asgish documentation!

Asgish is a tool to write asynchronous web applications, using as few abstractions as possible, while still offering a friendly API. There is no fancy routing; you write an async request handler, and delegate to other handlers as needed.

More precisely, Asgish is a Python ASGI web microframework. And it’s so thin that it still feels a bit ASGI-ish …

Cool stuff:

  • Since Asgish does not depend on asyncio, it can be used with alternative async libs like Trio.
  • When running on Uvicorn, Asgish is one of the fastest web frameworks available.
  • You can write your web app with Asgish, and switch the underlying (ASGI) server without having to change your code.
  • Asgish is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand!